From the desk of our Managing Director:

During a past  decade of evolutionary, PPS Tuna have secured the astonishing development as one of the  leading canned fish manufacturers in Thailand as well as developing life-long relationship with our customers around the world.

We took advantage of our precious resource of Thailand’s wealthy ocean, strategic planing and the right opportunity to take the world by storm. After years of hard working, we are known for being one of the most reliable canned fish producer who preserves consistent quality in every can we produce.

It was our intention from the start,  that we utilized the fact that such superior quality would never come by accidents. It came only as a resulted of  fresh raw fish, good ingredients,  efficient quality control and our resolve of ranking as a pioneer of high quality producer of canned fish.

We build our company around our competing nature, proactive mindset and the ability to stand firm whenever obstacles appear; in order to do such task, we created family-like atmosphere that can strengthen each other to strive forward.

With that being said, we also treat our customers are like our extended family members as our goal is to create life-time relationship with our clients, as  successful business partners.

We are looking forward to an opportunity to generate successful business with whoever shares the same vision and please do not hesitate to join our journey in the revolution of canned fish industry.

Mrs. Daranee Sinlapapramotgul

– Managing Director

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